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Value Added Benefits

Comprehensive Research

  • Analyze Benefits Needs and Concerns
  • Explore Products and Services
  • Evaluate Plans and Services
  • Recommend Plans and Services

Implement Plans

  • Employee Meetings to Explain Benefits and Enrollment
  • Training of Personnel to Administer Plans

Support and Services

  • Personnel to Assist with Claims, Billing and Administration Questions
  • Periodic Review of All Aspects of Your Plan - administration, claims analysis, and operation of your plan

Additional Benefits

  • COBRA Administration
  • Ongoing Employee Orientations and Enrollment
  • Section 125/ Cafeteria Plan Administration
  • Summary Plan Descriptions
  • “Hidden Paycheck Reports” for Each Employee
  • Web-based Employee Benefits Management and Human Resource Solutions
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • HIPAA Compliance

Our support staff will ensure your benefits questions are answered promptly and accurately. You may contact them or our advisor team by telephone (see our team page), or use one of our online quote forms if that is more convenient for you.